Social Justice

We improve the lives of America's youth through innovative approaches to criminal-justice reform and the integration of immigrants.
Social Justice

New York City has become a national laboratory for criminal-justice reform, having drawn widespread attention for jailing teenage inmates on violence-plagued Rikers Island.  We’ve set out to help dismantle this broken system and show that a new way of responding to crime is possible. Kaplan’s Youth Justice Program focuses on innovations targeted to divert, re-route, and support the success of youth and young adults.

Over the past decade, the Fund has made the successful integration of America’s foreign-born population a priority.  Working with partners across the nation, our Immigration Program has identified promising ways to support the integration of the 42 million foreign-born individuals who call the United States home, allowing them to thrive while contributing to the country’s civic, cultural, and economic vibrancy.

The Fund is currently refining the Immigration Program as we evaluate the developing needs of America’s immigrants.  We look forward to sharing further updates as our work in this area continues.